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Product Features

This product is made from inorganic acids, strong oxidizer, ash inhibitors, inhibitors, aluminum ion complexing agents, surface active agents, and so on. It is specially designed for aluminum alloy electrolytic polishing, featuring superb brightness, with no irritating yellow fog, suitable for polishing products requiring high brightness.

Operating Conditions

Voltage: 18~24V
Current density: 10~15 A/dm2
Temperature: 60~80℃
Time: 1~5min

Solution Control

  1. During production, specific weight of tank liquid must be strictly controlled. Under normal conditions, the specific weight of tank liquid is 1.63 ~1.65g/mL. If it is too high, please add water; if it is too low, add Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy Polisher.

  2. Control aluminum content based on tank liquid test results. The maximum allowance density is 30g/L, when this content is reached, you should clear and change some new tank liquid.

  3. Before polishing, oil and wax stains on part surface should be cleaned so as to avoid polluting polishing materials.

Product Packaging

35kg packaged and sealed plastic barrel.

CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certification