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Product Features

This product is made from strong oxidizer, film forming agent, activating agent, buffer and so on. It contains no aluminum, meeting environmental protection requirements. After soaking, a colorless conductive film is formed on aluminum surface, which is of high corrosion-resistance. It meets the need of aluminum coating.

Operating Conditions

Aluminum without Chromate Film Treatment Agent: 80~100g/L
PH: 1.5~1.7(Use phosphoric acid for adjustment)
Temperature: 10~30℃
Time: Soaking for 2~5min

Solution Control

  1. PH value must be strictly controlled during production. If it too high, use thin phosphoric acid for adjustment; if it too low, adjust PH value by diluting tank liquid.
  2. Pro-oxidation treatment must be strictly controlled for thorough removal of oil stains and natural oxidized skin on workpiece so as to avoid influencing evenness of oxide film.
  3. Before oxidation, cleanse it thoroughly to avoid bringing in too much acid/alkaline liquid and polluting tank liquid.

Product Packaging

25kg packaged and sealed plastic bag with outer carton.

CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certification