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Product Features

This product is made from inorganic salts, complexing agents, penetrants, etc, with the advantages of quick coloring and no need to connect electric power, soaking after oxidation will produce golden color, which is stronger in corrosion resistance than organic dyestuffs, can be sealed in normal temperature.

Operating Conditions

Golden coloring Additive PC: 15~20 g/L
PH: 5.0±0.2
Temperature: 40~60℃
Time: 5~15min

Solution Control

  1. Decide the volume of Golden coloring Additive PC to be added based on test results.
  2. During production, tank liquid PH value must be strictly controlled.  Higher PH value causes higher consumption. Uneven coloring can be adjusted with oxalic acid.
  3. Regularly clean deposits at tank bottom to avoid influencing coloring effect.

Product Packaging

25kg packaged and sealed plastic bag with outer carton.

CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certification