Products | Chemicals | NK-GCS-32L Gold color Electrolytic Coloring (for Sealing)

Product Features

This product is colorless transparent liquid, made from noble metal salts, complexing agents, dispersants, and static eliminators and so on. Using this additive can obtain stable 18k gold color on smooth surface, which is of good durability and evenness.

Operating Conditions

  • NK-GCS-32L: 8~10 g/L
  • Sulfuric acid: 20~25 g/L
  • PH: 0.8~1.2
  • Temperature: 20~26℃
  • Voltage: 8~10V
  • Time: 1~8 min

Solution Control

  1. Decide the volume of NK-GCS-32L and sulfuric acid to be added based on test results.
  2. In production, strictly control washing (must use distilled water or pure water) before coloring, to avoid bringing foreign matters and increased consumption.

Product Packaging

25kg packaged and sealed plastic bag with outer carton.

CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certification